Hi.  I have shot with many clients in remote attendance over the course of the last few years.  Whether on location, at a rental studio or at my home studio.  I share my screen through video conferencing software that is set up and tested before the shoot.  Oral communication can be done through that software or through cell phone.  I can then share live view through my camera to show exactly what is happening on set in real time.  Actual jpegs of the shots can be sent throughout the process.


Props, backgrounds and recipes are shared ahead of time during pre production like any other shoot.  All on set moves can be communicated during the actual shoot.


In cases where it needs to be a totally closed set, I have the capability to shoot from my home studio with little to no crew.  I have ample camera, lighting and computer equipment to get most any job done.   I am skilled at food styling, drink styling and digital tech.  I also have a very large supply of backgrounds and drink and dish props.


I must stress that shooting remotely works best when everyone is available when needed.  If we are waiting for decision makers to be located, it slows down the process.  All parties must have strong wifi connections and not be multitasking when decisions or approvals need to be made.  Everyone must be focused and on board for remote client shoots to work.


I have found shooting remotely is a viable option that can save time, money and in these COVID-19 times one's health.  I would be happy to share samples from jobs I have done remotely or answer any questions you may have.





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